ISS astronauts to eat food that’s out of this world

BY newsdesk  December 6, 2013 at 6:30 PM EDT

When astronauts in the International Space Station get sick of freeze-dried meals, they order gourmet take-out. Photo courtesy of NASA

NASA has commissioned a Michelin-starred chef to send haute cuisine to the International Space Station, the Guardian reports.

Alain Ducasse, a celebrated gallic gastronomer, has been sending foods like duck breasts, lobsters and organic quinoa into space since 2006. The European Space Agency has commissioned his hi-tech food laboratory to create meals for a future Mars mission.

He’s teaming up with Brittany family firm Hénaff, which makes tinned meats and pates, to ensure the food retains flavor on its journey to the ISS.

The first set of meals will take off June of 2014.