Mad Hatter v. Baaad Hatter: You Voted and the Winner Is…


…that Hero of Haberdashery, Champ of Chapeaux, el Senor de Sombreros and Fliest of Fedoras — my hat!

In a poll so scientific Bill Nye might turn green with envy, the Making Sen$e readership has spoken as one. Well, as 8.8 tenths of one. That is, in a country so divided even referendums on motherhood and apple pie might need recounts, fully 88% of you have thus far declared my headgear “great” over “goofy.”

Admittedly, it’s not clear which topper topped the charts: the Ultrafino Panama or the genuine Stetson, the latter a prized present from world-class, multiple Emmy-winning producer LK. (Producers, unlike correspondents, prefer a measure of anonymity.) Regardless, the hats rule — for now. I consider this license to continue to wear either.

Thanks to PBS39FtWayne for the headline, via Twitter.

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