Man breaks record for running on all fours


In 2012, Kenichi Ito broke the record for running on all fours for the 100-meter dash in 17.4 seconds. Video by Guinness World Records

A Japanese man bounded into the Guinness World Records for the 100-meter dash — using both his feet and his hands. Kenichi Ito trained for more than a decade and has now officially become the fastest man on the planet to move on all fours.

The 30-year-old Japanese man finished his “monkey run” dash in 16.87 seconds, beating his previous record from 2012. He has studied using books, videos and visits to the local zoo to learn how primates move using hands and feet, while also using the technique in his everyday life.

Ito hopes that one day, racing with both feet and hands will become an official Olympic track and field event.