Excerpts: Michelle Obama on Why She Chose Childhood Obesity as Her Major Project

BY News Desk  February 9, 2010 at 7:57 PM EDT

First lady Michelle Obama launched a nationwide campaign Tuesday to fight childhood obesity, part of her effort to encourage healthier habits and exercise in America’s young people.

In an interview with Jim Lehrer at the White House, Mrs. Obama discussed her decision to choose childhood obesity as a major project, the role of schools and parents in fostering healthy habits, and what it all says about the first lady’s legacy.

“As a result of this lifestyle, this busy, hectic lifestyle, my pediatrician pointed out some changes in my kids’ body mass index, that he just sort of checked us on. And I hadn’t even thought about it – hadn’t thought about our lifestyle,” Mrs. Obama told Lehrer. Watch excerpts above and read the full transcript here.

Watch the full interview on Tuesday’s NewsHour.