Mount Merapi Erupts Again


Photos courtesy of Will Carless

Residents living near Mount Merapi are fleeing once again today, as the volcano continues to spew ash and could erupt at any time.

The death toll rose again on Friday after the latest eruption on Indonesia’s Mount Merapi, which claimed 69 more lives. At least 113 people have died since the volcano began erupting again last week.

Mount Merapi has spewed clouds of ash 20,000 feet into the air and covered nearby areas in a layer of dust. Experts are unable to predict what the volcano will do next.

The eruptions have forced the evacuations of thousands into refugee camps, and now there are worries about a lava dome forming at the mouth of the crater that could collapse and send a wave of 1800 degree ash and gas tumbling down the mountain at 60 miles per hour.

The danger zone has been extended to 12 miles now, and at the edge of that danger zone we get an update from Will Carless, a freelance reporter who moved to Indonesia a year ago on sabbatical but now finds himself at the edge of disaster.

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