Newshour Connect: Housing, Jobs Concerns Persist in Calif., Okla., Idaho


In our continuing coverage of issues across the United States, this Newshour Connect focuses on the economy. We speak with Thanh Tan of Idaho Public Television, Lori Rasmussen from OETV in Oklahoma City and Erik Anderson from KPBS in San Diego to get their take on how the housing and job markets are doing in their regions.

According to RealtyTrac, between January and June, one of 39 homes were served a foreclosure notice in California — ranking the state fourth in the ratio of foreclosures to total homes. Idaho is further down the list in eighth place where one in 59 homes faces foreclosure but they led the nation with at 7.2 percent decrease in average selling price according to CoreLogic. Oklahoma ranks 31st because only one in 158 homes received foreclosure notices but the impact there may also be more difficult because the homes tend to sell for much lower prices in one of the nation’s poorer states.

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