NewsHour Connect: Immigration Debate Reignited in Phoenix, San Diego


By now you’ve heard about the new law in Arizona which allows police to ask for proof of immigration status if they have reason to suspect that someone is not in the country legally.

While the world may have focused on the questioning of Goldman Sachs Tuesday, and Congress continued to disagree disagreeably on financial reform, the Senate is using the passage of this law in Arizona as an opportunity to reignite the debate on immigration.

So here comes NewsHour Connect, something new we’re trying here on the Rundown. We’ll reach out to public media in different cities or states on particular topics. To kick things off we’re speaking with Christopher Conover from Arizona Public Media in Tucson, Ariz., and Amy Isackson from KPBS in San Diego.

Both of their organizations are part of a new project funded by the CPB called the Local Journalism Initiative. This LJC focuses on border issues so we figured it would be a good place to start.