Obama: ‘The Buck Stops With Me’ on National Security


President Obama said Thursday afternoon that in regard to terror threats against the United States, “the buck stops with me.”

He suggested that nobody would be fired as a result of the attempted airliner attack on Christmas, saying that the security problems were a “systemic failure across organizations and agencies.”

The president said he’s ordering changes about how information about potential threats is handled and said intelligence agencies must assign “clear lines of responsibility” for immediately pursuing leads on such threats.

Watch what the president said:

Read the declassified security review and the president’s memo about corrective actions that still need to be taken.

After the president spoke, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and John Brennan, presidential assistant for counterterrorism and homeland security, spoke about the bomb plot review. “I told the president today I let him down,” Brennan said. Watch their remarks about the failed attack and the security review: