On Friday’s NewsHour…


ECONOMY | There were fresh signs Friday that the recession may be coming to an end. Retail sales figures for February were brighter than analysts had expected. But other indicators this week have painted a mixed pictures of U.S. economic activity. Judy Woodruff decodes the numbers with Diane Swonk, chief economist and senior managing director of Mesirow Financial in Chicago.

MIDDLE EAST | Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered what the Associated Press describes as a “stinging rebuke” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the decision to build new Jewish housing in predominantly Arab East Jerusalem. The U.S. move comes at the end of a week that took Vice President Joe Biden to the region. Ray Suarez has our report.

MAKING SENSE | Paul Solman presents another of our conversations on the future of Wall Street. His guest tonight: Andrew Lo of MIT.

SHIELDS AND BROOKS | The weekly analysis of syndicated columnist Mark Shields and David Brooks of The New York Times.

GLASS CEILINGS | We close the program with a look back at a remarkable week of achievements by women breaking through the so-called “glass ceiling.”

We’ll have all that plus Hari Sreenivasan will have the other top news of the day plus a look at some features on our Web site including a dispatch from Margaret Warner on a reporting trip to Yemen, a blog post by Gwen Ifill and our look at the NBA star/art curator Shaquille O’Neal.