On Friday’s NewsHour…


MIDDLE EAST PEACE NEGOTIATIONS SET TO RESUME | The first peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in nearly two years are set to resume in
Washington next month. Jeffrey Brown talks with analysts David Makovsky and Ghaith Al-Omari about the upcoming meetings.

PAKISTAN FOREIGN MINISTER SPEAKS ON FLOOD | Judy Woodruff interviews Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi about what his country needs to help it recover from the massive floods. Qureshi addresses possible donor reluctance by saying most Pakistanis oppose militant groups, and they need relief in the form of food, shelter, medicine and agricultural tools.

SHIELDS AND GERSON ANALYZE WEEK’S TOP NEWS | Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Washington Post opinion columnist Michael Gerson, sitting in for David Brooks, analyze the week’s top news stories.

BASEBALL LEGEND INDICTED | Former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens faces charges for allegedly lying to Congress in a probe over performance-enhancing drugs. Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein gives some perspective on the charges Clemens is facing.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS DISCOVER CIVIL WAR PRISON CAMP | Archaeologists unveiled the discovery of a Confederate prison camp this week in a rural part of Georgia. This story is part of a project called NewsHour Connect, where the best of public broadcasting from around the country is showcased. Rickey Bevington of Georgia Public Broadcasting has the story.

Friday’s anchors are Jim Lehrer and Jeffrey Brown. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at Web features. On The Rundown, there’s more from Mark Shields and Michael Gerson who stopped by for a pre-show chat. Also read about how President Obama’s support in the wealthier suburbs has changed since his 2008 election.

Plus on Art Beat, Jeffrey Brown with filmmaker Yael Hersonski about her new documentary on an unfinished Nazi propaganda film made in the Warsaw ghetto.

We hope you’ll join us.