On Monday’s NewsHour…


On the PBS NewsHour this Monday:

IRAQ ELECTIONS | The votes are being counted in Iraq’s Parliamentary elections, and the authorities in Baghdad announced today that turnout topped 60 percent. Gwen Ifill reports tonight on what’s at stake in the election, and then gets on-the-ground updates and analysis from correspondent Jane Arraf of The Christian Science Monitor.

HEALTH CARE UPDATE | President Obama continued to press his case for health care reform today, and told a crowd in Philadelphia today that he needs public support to encourage Congressional action. Ray Suarez reports tonight that in his remarks, the president criticized the nation’s health insurance industry. Then, Ray interviews a panel of guests.

CAR DEALERS | Tom Bearden reports tonight from our Denver bureau on car dealerships fighting to keep their businesses, despite GM and Chrysler’s plans to shut them down.

GREEK CRISIS | Judy Woodruff spent part of the day with the Greek Prime Minister, who is in Washington for talks with President Obama and others about his country’s embattled economy. You can see Judy’s newsmaker Interview with George Papandreou at the end of the program tonight.

Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff anchor the program tonight. We hope you’ll join us.