On Monday’s NewsHour…


GULF OIL SPILL UPDATE | As new reports suggest BP cut corners on safety in the design of the oil well in the Gulf, Gwen Ifill talks to two reporters about the latest revelations.

SUPREME COURT WATCH: TERROR GROUP AID | The Supreme Court said today that a federal law barring aid to terrorist groups does not violate free speech. Jeffrey Brown talks to Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal about the court’s six to three ruling to uphold the ban, over the objections of human rights groups.

MAKING SENSE: CREDIT CRUNCH | As part of his ongoing series of reports making sense of economic news, Paul Solman examines the struggles of companies that are trying to find enough credit to stay afloat.

PAKISTAN AND TERRORISM | A new report says Pakistan has not done enough to keep Islamic extremist groups from plotting terrorism in the region and in the U.S. Judy Woodruff talks to Seth Jones, a senior political scientist at the Rand Corporation, and Steve Coll, president of the New America Foundation about Pakistan’s changing role in fighting terror attacks.

FRANCE’S FEUDING SOCCER TEAM | French leaders and fans condemned the French national team, following players’ refusal to practice on Sunday after a teammate was booted from the team. Jeffrey Brown talks to Roger Bennett of ESPN.com for an update on the controversy from the World Cup in South Africa.

WORLD CUP’S NOISY STADIUM HORNS | The distinctive buzz of traditional South African vuvuzela stadium horns has sparked annoyance at World Cup matches and fascination on the Internet. A reporter with Independent Television news examines the noisy controversy.

Monday’s anchors are Jeffrey Brown and Gwen Ifill. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at features on the Web, including more on the troubles facing the french team from Steve Goff, who is covering the World Cup for The Washington Post in South Africa, answers to your questions on business and economic news on Paul Solman’s Making Sense page and a discussion with the director of documentary film “Living in Emergency” about Doctors Without Borders missions.

We hope you’ll join us.