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SETTLEMENT MORATORIUM EXPIRES| The future of Middle East peace talks is up in the air again as a moratorium on new settlement construction expired on the West Bank. Gaith Al-Omari, the advocacy director for the American Task Force on Palestine, and David Makovsky, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, look at what’s at play and what comes next.

WIRETAPPING ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS| Potential new regulations could make it easier for federal officials to wiretap online communications. The reported proposal have raised concern surrounding privacy issues. Juan Zarate, a former deputy National Security Adviser in the Bush administration, and Kevin Bankston, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, debate the plans.

TAX CUT CONVERSATIONS: LAURA TYSON | Last week two prominent Republican economists, Glenn Hubbard and Alan Greenspan, weighed in on an extension of Bush-era tax cuts. This week the Democrats have their say, starting with Laura Tyson, who currently sits on president Obama’s economic recovery advisory board.

ROMA DEPORTED FROM FRANCE | The French government’s decision to expel Roma immigrants back to Romania and Bulgaria has brought criticism from some in Europe. Ben Barnier of GlobalPost reports on the controversial decision.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES PLANS TO BUY AIRTRAN | Southwest Airlines is to partake in the airline merger trend, announcing its plan to buy Airtran next month. Margaret Woodruff talks to Ben Mutzabaugh of USA Today.

VIOLENT DRUG CRIMES TURNED INTO POETRY | Benjamin Saenz knows first hand the drug violence plaguing the U.S.-Mexico border. The poet talks about his latest collection “The Book of What Remains.”

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