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OBAMA SUPPORTS INDIA’S SECURITY COUNCIL BID | The president backed India’s bid to have a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council during his first stop on a 10-day trip to Asia. Deepa Ollapally, of George Washington University, and Charles Kupchan from the Council on Foreign Relations discuss whether that is a realistic goal.

COMMISSION HEARING FOR BP | The national oil spill commission is holding a two-day hearing with BP, Transocean and Halliburton officials. Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post gives an update on the investigation.

MIDEAST PEACE TALK STATUS| Could Israel’s decision to resume building new settlements squelch peace talks with the Palestinians? Margaret Warner looks at the state of Middle East peace negotiations and what’s ahead.

SENATOR-ELECT MIKE LEE | Judy Woodruff talks to Tea Party Senator-elect Mike Lee of Utah about how Republican leaders are dealing with the new crop of grassroots elected officials.

Monday’s anchors are Judy Woodruff and Ray Suarez. Hari Sreenivasan has the day’s other top news stories and look at the Web features. On this week’s Political Checklist, David Chalian and Judy Woodruff talk about the reaction at the White House and on Capitol Hill to GOP gains in last week’s midterm elections. Plus, we have more on the attacks on journalists in Moscow.

Also, Paul Solman weighs the pros and cons of the Fed’s recent moves to boost the economy on the Making Sense page.

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