On Monday’s NewsHour…


AIRPORT SECURITY MEASURES | As holiday travel begins this week, controversial full-body scans and security pat-downs will be used in airports across the country. Margaret Warner chronicles the backlash and the TSA’s handling of travelers’ dissatisfaction.

IRELAND’S MASSIVE FINANCIAL BAILOUT | The Irish government accepted a bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund worth 80 to 90 billion euros. Special Correspondent Faisal Islam has a report from Dublin, then Jeffrey Brown speaks with two guests about the political and financial implications of the bailout in other parts of Europe.

MOZAMBIQUE SERIES | In the first report of a three-part series, Ray Suarez reports on the southern African nation Mozambique, which has a growing economy but still remains one of the poorest nations in the world.

JAN SCHAKOWSKY’S DEFICIT CUTTING STRATEGY | Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky joins the NewsHour as part of a series of conversations about the country’s deficit problems. Schakowsky, who recently released a plan of her own, gives her take on how to cut the deficit.

Monday’s anchors are Jeffrey Brown and Judy Woodruff. Kwame Holman has the day’s other top news stories and look at Web features. You can follow more of Ray’s trip to Mozambique on the Rundown. Also, find out about new health insurance rules that force providers to spend more on patient care.

Plus, watch an interview with the producer of a current documentary that takes viewers on an illegal border crossing with a “coyote”.

We hope you’ll join us.