On Tuesday’s NewsHour…


U.K. PRIME MINISTER RESIGNS | British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced his resignation as Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties made agreements to form a government under Conservative Party Leader David Cameron. Jeffrey Brown talks to reporter Ned Temko of The Observer about the new administration.

INVESTIGATING THE GULF OIL LEAK | Oil company executives traded blame for last month’s explosion at an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico at hearings in Washington and Louisiana. Gwen Ifill talks to Wall Street Journal reporter Stephen Power for more on the investigation into the environmental disaster.

SEX ABUSE SCANDAL IN IRISH CATHOLIC CHURCH | Special correspondent Saul Gonzalez reports from Ireland, where the Catholic Church continues to reel from the allegations and resignations surrounding the child sex abuse scandal in the church.

ELENA KAGAN’S PATH TO THE SUPREME COURT | In an ongoing look at the political landscape for the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, Jim Lehrer talks to Karen Tumlty of The Washington Post and lawyer Tom Goldstein, founder of SCOTUSBlog.com.

FRONTLINE PREVIEW: The Carbon Hunters | Gwen Ifill has a preview of Tuesday’s Frontline World report about Brazilian forests as the new currency of carbon emission in the age of global warming.

Monday’s anchors are Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifill. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at Web features, including a conversation with Politico’s White House editor Craig Gordon about the road ahead for Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan, a full version of the White House report on childhood obesity released today and a NewsHour Extra report from a Chicago teen on the impact of “food deserts” on minority communities.

Plus, read Ray Suarez’s behind-the-scenes dispatch from Shanghai at the 2010 World Expo and a profile of a Florida retailer about to lose his fourth house to foreclosure, on Paul Solman’s Making Sense page.

We hope you join us.