On Tuesday’s NewsHour…


HOMEOWNERSHIP VS RENTING | Jack Hough of ‘Smart Money’ magazine and Karl Case of Wall Street Journal weigh the pros and cons of homeownership and renting.

INCOME GAP WIDENS IN AMERICA | The U.S. has the greatest disparity between the rich and the poor within Western industrialized countries. Timothy Noah of ‘Slate’ magazine looks at the income gap in America.

HOW WELL DO AMERICANS UNDERSTAND RELIGION?| Alan Cooperman of the Pew forum on religion, talks to Judy Woodruff about what Americans know and don’t know about religion.

CHALLENGES FACING MINORITIES IN COLLEGE | Special correspondent John Tulenko examines some of the challenges minorities face in college and a program that concentrates on helping them finish higher education.

NORTH KOREA’S NEXT LEADER | John Sparks of Independent Television News updates the latest leadership machinations in North Korea. Margaret Warner then speaks with Katy Oh from the Institute for Defense Analysis and Barbara Demick, the Bejing Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times.

Tuesday’s anchors are Jeffrey Brown and Gwen Ifill. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at features on the Web. On the Rundown, you can weigh whether to rent or buy a home on the online calculators that help examine the pros and cons. Plus, Judy talks to the co-author of a new book that takes a different look at whether earmarks are good for U.S. democracy.

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