On Tuesday’s NewsHour: Blizzard Aftermath, Iraq’s New Government


EAST COAST DIGS OUT | The paralyzed air travel system in the Northeast slowly came to life Tuesday after a monster snowstorm stranded thousands. Gwen Ifill speaks with USA Today aviation reporter Ben Mutzabaugh about why it will take days to unravel the transportation mess.

IRAQ’S NEW GOVERNMENT | As Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says U.S. troops must leave by this time next year, what else is next for Iraq’s new government? Margaret Warner discusses the prime minister’s comments with Michael Gordon, military correspondent for The New York Times, and Joost Hiltermann, International Crisis Group’s deputy program director for the Middle East and North Africa.

CALIFORNIA HEALTH CARE REFORM | Spencer Michels looks at how the nation’s most populous state is moving ahead on the new federal health care law.

EXIT INTERVIEW: REP. TOM PERRIELLO | Judy Woodruff begins a series of interviews with lawmakers facing involuntary retirement. Up first, defeated Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello on how the next Congress should break through partisan gridlock.

MODIFYING MORTGAGES | We continue an encore look at Paul Solman’s recent series on the foreclosure crisis with a second look at what happens when a government program set to help homeowners misses the mark.

Gwen Ifill and Margaret Warner anchor Tuesday’s broadcast. Hari Sreenivasan will recap the day’s other top headlines and have a look at Web features plus a preview of a segment airing Tuesday on NOVA.

We hope you’ll join us.