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MANY TRAVELERS FOREGO NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY | Traveling was easier than expected at the major airports on one of the busiest days of the year. Few fliers opted for a pat-down instead of a full-body scan–a relief for many after critics called for a “National Opt-Out Day” to protest the new security measures. Tom Bearden reports.

OIL SPILL CLAIMS DEADLINE | The window for short-term compensation claims on BP’s $20 billion fund closed on Tuesday. Jeffrey Brown gets the latest on the next phase of the oil spill compensation with John Young, president of ” Jefferson Parish” and fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg.

MOZAMBIQUE: LINKING ILLNESS AND INTELLIGENCE | In the final report of his three-part series, Ray Suarez looks at possible connections between childhood illnesses and intelligence.

U.S. FACES TOUGH CHOICES AFTER SKIRMISH ON KOREAN PENINSULA | Tensions between North and South Korea remain high after Tuesday’s artillery barrage killed four South Koreans. Jim Lehrer examines the United States’ role and possible courses of action with Christopher Hill, who helped lead the U.S. delegation that negotiated with North Korea’s nuclear program, and Leon Sigal, who has written extensively about U.S. policy toward North Korea.

THE FUTURE OF SPACE EXPLORATION | Judy Woodruff looks at the future of space exploration with the NewsHour’s Science Correspondent Miles O’Brien.

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