Ray Suarez: Scenes of Loss and Resilience in Haiti


Ray Suarez and a team from the NewsHour are in Port-au-Prince, reporting on the aftermath of an earthquake that has ravaged the Haitian captial and turned the eyes of the world back to the story of Haiti’s larger struggle for survival.

“One building will be completely intact on a street, the next one absolutely leveled to the ground, nothing but a pile of dust and bricks, and shattered people sitting out on the sidewalk or filling up the public parks around the city,” Suarez recounts of Port-au-Prince.

“Anywhere where there’s open, flat land in Port-au-Prince today is covered in makeshift tent cities … shelter cobbled together from whatever people could find on the street,” he says.

In this dispatch for the Rundown, Suarez describes his journey to Haiti, the scene in Port-au-Prince and what he will be covering in the days ahead on the NewsHour.