Shields and Brooks on Ken Mehlman’s Revelation, Strasburg’s Unifying Effect


Earlier this week, my old colleague Marc Ambinder wrote an article stating that the former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman has become more open about his homosexuality in recent weeks and months.

It came as no shock to some who suspected it or don’t care, and inflamed others who felt that Mehlman was part and parcel of an anti-gay agenda during President Bush’s administration. Columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks weigh in on whether holding a public leadership position as an openly gay man is really possible.

Considering it has been a while since our boys of summer weighed in on the major issues of the day, we focused on America’s pastime (at least in the summer): baseball. With pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg’s season-ending arm injury, which will require Tommy John surgery, it may be a while before people in Washington next experience a sense of unity he created.

We then delved into how we might have a superhero in our midst. Take a look:

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