State of the Union: Submit Your Reactions to the President’s Address


The NewsHour offered special live coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union address at 9pm ET on Jan. 27, including the analysis of Mark Shields and David Brooks.

We’re also trying a few new things online to add to our coverage of the speech.

Speech Analyzer: Check back with the Online NewsHour during and after the speech on Wednesday to find the full text of the president’s address, which will be updated with links to NewsHour background material and videos, source documents and the reactions of experts and analysts on the issues the president raises.

Video Your Reaction: Also this year, we’d like to hear your thoughts and reactions to the State of the Union. You can post video responses on our YouTube channel or post written comments here on the Rundown blog. For video responses, tell us in 60 seconds or less your thoughts on the address in general or on a specific part of the speech. You’ll be able to post your video here once the speech starts on Wednesday — don’t forget to tell us your name and where you live. We’ll be sifting through the responses on Wednesday and Thursday — the best ones will be featured on our Web site and possibly on our air.

Stay tuned for more on the PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the State of the Union, both on-air and online.