The top 10 farm crimes of 2013


With drought causing prices for commodities like hay to rise, the farm product has become a much more likely candidate for theft. Creative commons photo by Let Ideas Compete

Bee burglars, a “nut mafia,” and making off with fertilizer in order to cook up meth? Modern Farmer has a list of this year’s 10 worst crimes across the farm world. India, for example, has seen an increase in cattle rustling.

The list comes on the heels of the record $141 billion year the U.S. had for agriculture exports.

“Rural crimes continued to be a problem around the world,” according to the magazine. “Especially in the U.S., Spain and South Africa.”

Another example is the disastrous impact the Colony Collapse Disorder has had on honey bee populations, which have declined 20 to 30 percent each year over the past five years. As such, thieves have been increasingly making off with the pollinators and honey makers.