Toronto Mayor said he is receiving help for drinking problems


Photo by Flickr User Joseph Morris

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he was getting professional help for his drinking problems, Reuters reports. But he gave no indication that he’ll step down despite pressure for him to resign after he admitted to smoking crack and buying illegal drugs.

“I fully recognize in the past I have drunk alcohol in excess. I wish you to know I am receiving support from a team of healthcare professionals. I am taking accountability and
receiving advice from people with expertise,” Ford said in a brief statement to the Toronto media.

Ford also apologized for using obscene language when he was denying allegation that he sexually propositioned a female aide.

“I want to apologize for my graphic remarks this morning,” Ford said. “For the past six months I have been under tremendous, tremendous stress.”

Toronto city council voted for Ford to take a leave of absence Wednesday, the same day a judge released 500-page document of allegations against the embattled mayor by current and former staffers, which includes drunk driving and drug abuse.

H/T Cindy Huang