Toronto mayor’s powers partially stripped away by city council


Photo by Flickr user West Annex News

The Toronto City Council voted 39-3 on Friday to limit Mayor Rob Ford’s powers, including his ability to appoint and dismiss his senior staff members.The city council does not have the authority to remove Ford from office unless he is convicted of crime. Although Ford has acknowledged his use of cocaine and last year’s alcohol problems, he has made it clear that he would not step down from his position.

The late October revelation of Ford’s drug use through videos has spawned an array of uncomfortable and graphic remarks from the mayor that caused a huge media frenzy. He was also accused of driving under influence, engaging with a prostitute and making sexual propositions to a female staff member. None of these allegations have been proven in court.

The Toronto City Council is planning to have another meeting on Monday that will further strip his powers and, most importantly, reduce his office budget and staff. According to CBC News reports, a majority of council members are calling for the mayor’s resignation.

H/T Ariel Min