Voices from Battleground Colorado

BY David Pelcyger  August 14, 2012 at 7:57 AM EDT

More ads, more candidate visits, and more pressure for votes.

Welcome to Colorado. For many voters, the increased attention is a welcome opportunity to participate more fully in the political process. For others, the next few months mean unavoidable rhetorical shouting matches. Either way, both campaigns are ramping up, and the next few months promise much more of the same.

The NewsHour produced the video above after visiting two recent campaign events.

Mitt Romney stopped at Jefferson County fairgrounds in suburban Denver Aug. 2, and we spoke with Greg Glischinski, Emmanuel Rubio, and Nancy Thompson. Then President Obama spoke at Auraria campus in downtown Denver Aug. 8, and we spoke with Gerard Clayton, Maureen Rahrle, Allison Bauer, and Cristina Bordes.

What happens if Colorado flips for Romney? Play around with that idea and other scenarios using our Vote 2012 Map Center below.