Wednesday: U.S., Iraqi Forces Kill 7; Middle East Peace Talks Continue


U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a joint raid in Fallujah early Wednesday, killing seven people, Iraqi officials said. The raid comes two weeks after President Obama declared the end of combat operations in Iraq.

Insurgents have intensified their strikes on Iraqi security forces to mark the change in the U.S. mission, reports the Associated Press. Also on Wednesday: A roadside bomb killed nine Iraqi soldiers near the northern city of Mosul.

The New York Times reports that among the dead in Fallujah were four brothers between the ages of 12 and 23. The Times also reports that the U.S. military in Iraq said that the Iraqi military had “planned and led” the “joint counterterrorism” operation.

Mideast Peace Talks Move to Jerusalem

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday said Israeli and Palestinian leaders are “getting down to business” on core issues of the peace talks, but there was no news on ending the impasse over Jewish settlements.

Meanwhile, Hamas security officials in the Gaza Strip said an Israeli airstrike has killed one Palestinian and wounded four more. The strike appeared to be retaliation for a spike in Palestinian mortar fire into Israel on Wednesday.

The Economist analyzes the next steps in the peace talks:

“The sceptics and pessimists say the renewed talks are doomed because America, weaker now than ten years ago, hasn’t come up with new ideas. In fact, the old ideas conceived under [former president Bill] Clinton are entirely adequate. What has been lacking in Washington has been the political will to thrust them down the throats of the two parties, and in Jerusalem and Ramallah the political (and personal) courage to swallow them.”

BP’s Hayward to Appear Before British Parliament

Outgoing BP CEO Tony Hayward is scheduled on Wednesday to give evidence to a British parliamentary committee studying the fallout of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the future of deep water drilling.

Primary Election Results

Voters in seven states and the District of Columbia headed to the polls to choose party nominees on Tuesday. The Morning Line has the results, writing: “Christine O’Donnell’s strong, six-point victory over the more moderate Rep. Mike Castle in Tuesday’s Delaware Republican primary is nothing short of a nightmare for Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who is charged with winning a Republican majority in the Senate on Nov. 2.”