What we’re watching Tuesday


Winter storm moves up the east coast

Winter storm Boreas continues to move east Tuesday, bringing with it heavy rain and gusty winds across the Carolinas and up the Northeast’s I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston late Tuesday through Wednesday. Snow is expected for the Appalachians and in northern New England.

Karzai makes new demands

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told President Barack Obama’s top national security advisor Susan Rice on Monday that he would sign a long-term security arrangement only after the U.S. helps his government begin peace talks with the Taliban and agrees to release all 17 Afghan citizens being held in the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, according to Afghan and U.S. officials.

Syrian Free Army fights on

Gen Salim Idris, the head of the Free Syrian Army, said Tuesday that fighters will not join planned peace talks in Geneva in January, but will continue fighting.

France sends troops to Central African Republic

France’s Defence Minister announced on Tuesday that the country would send another 1,000 troops to the Central African Republic. This comes a day after the U.N.’s Deputy Secretary-General said that CAR is descending into “complete chaos” and urged the U.N. Security Council Monday to strengthen the African Union-led force in the country and to turn it into a UN peacekeeping operation.

Supreme Court weighs new health law dispute

The health care law is headed for a new Supreme Court showdown over companies’ religious objections to the law’s birth-control mandate. Amid the troubled rollout of the health law, the Obama administration is defending a provision that requires most employers that offer health insurance to their workers to provide a range of preventive health benefits, including contraception.