White House tours to resume in November

BY newsdesk  October 18, 2013 at 3:25 PM EDT

There is good news for field trips and families everywhere. It was confirmed Friday that White House tours will resume starting in early November.

White House tours were suspended in March due to the series of automatic sequestration budget cuts. To cope with the cuts, Secret Service re-appropriated the personnel normally used for security during the tours to other posts in the White House.

Robert Novy, spokesman for the Secret Service, said that when sequestration hit in middle of the fiscal year they were not able to reallocate funds in order to keep the tours running. But in light of the new fiscal year, they will be able to operate the tours at reduced spending levels.

The new tour schedule, beginning Nov. 5, will occur only three days a week rather than the pre-sequestration five days a week.