Why English degrees are not useless


Liberal arts degrees get a bad rap in today’s recession. As the price of college continues to soar and real wages stagnate, there is greater emphasis on college degrees that will immediately translate into a job.

U.S. News and World Report listed petroleum engineering, cyber security and biometrics among its top 11 “hot” college degrees, but no liberal arts majors made the cut.

But don’t despair, English majors, you have learned more than writing skills, says Business Insider writer Alison Griswold. In fact, some of the skills in an English major’s arsenal make them a CEO hiring favorite.

English majors juggle multiple papers and projects, so they learn how to set deadlines and keep to schedules, Griswold says. And with every 20-page paper they turn in, English majors craft arguments that require critical thinking, analysis and sticking to a position. That’s a valuable skill in today’s world, Griswold says. English majors know there is rarely one “right” answer, she says, which means they can take constructive criticism and see others’ point of view.