Woman gets traffic ticket for driving with Google Glass


Photo Flickr User Ted Eytan

Woman wearing Google Glass at Embracing Curiosity: Google Glass DC and Future Health meetup

Californian woman, Cecilia Abadie, was stopped by a police officer on Interstate 15 in San Diego for going 80 mph in a 65 mph zone. But rather than just getting a citation for speeding, Abadie, who was wearing her Google Glass, was cited for, “driving with a monitor visible to the driver.” Driving with a visible television monitor is a violation of California law, but Abadie argues that the Google Glass was turned off and therefore posed no danger.

Her advocates responded to her story on the internet by pointing out that there is an exception to that law if the monitor displays maps or GPS or anything that can “enhance or supplement the driver’s view”. They have also started a fund to pay for her legal representation.

H/T Aileen Graef