Flooding Devastates Northwest Pakistan

Flooded river

Torrential rains beginning last week triggered flash floods around Pakistan. AFP/Getty

Wading through the streets of Lahore

About 2 million people were forced to leave their homes because of the floods. AFP/Getty

Scrambling to safety

Flood victims told Reuters they were given no warning of the rains, and have received little help from authorities. AFP/Getty


Floods survivors swarm an army helicopter to evacuate a town in Swat valley after flooding. AFP/Getty

Nowshera district

Flood survivors carried belongs as they evacuated their homes, looking for shelter and food aid. AFP/Getty


A Pakistani man gathers some of his belongings from his flooded home. AFP/Getty

Field hospital in an old college

With infrastructure washed out and dirty water all around, fear of waterborne disease outbreaks is high.

Higher ground

More rain is expected to hit Pakistan, worsening the situation for the country's many displaced. AFP/Getty

Tent camp

The U.N. is warning that an estimated 1.8 million people will need food and care in the coming weeks. AFP/Getty


Pakistani women pray at sunset by the Ravi river in Lahore. AFP/Getty
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As many as 1,500 people have died and 2 million forced to flee their homes in the worst flooding in Pakistan's history.