Careers: My Choice are short interviews with scientists and others in STEM related fields that are designed to provide teens, especially those in underserved communities, with information about potential career paths and prospective role models.

the.Sci covers STEM topics such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and puts them in context with current events. These stories explain how things work, who make them happen, and why they are relevant to teens.

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The Future of Communication: Broadband Expansion

Correspondent Eileen Wu reports on the FCC’s new broadband plan and the potential impact on new technology and communication.


White House Campaign on Childhood Obesity

Antonio Neves reports on the role of diet and exercise in developing a healthy lifestyle.


El Niño and Its Impact on the World

Forecasters and scientists are predicting an El Nino year. Antonio Neves reports on the climate patterns and chain of events that occur around the world.


Electric Car: American Industry and Innovation

Antonio Neves explores how new technology is driving development and public policy of the electric car.


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