Global Wrap 11/18/2008

In the aftermath of the G20 Economic Summit, Antonio Neves reports on the events from November 18, 2008 with stories from around the world. [CC]


  1. What five continents were represented in the 'Global Wrap'?
  2. What is the G20 and why were they meeting in Washington DC in November 2008?
  3. In this global economy it is not uncommon for one country, even in another continent, to be affected by another nation’s economic position. What two countries from different continents were referenced in 'Global Wrap' because of this situation and why?


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Thai Da Silva explores the issue of minimum wage reform in the nation and in certain states.


Minddrive: Minds in Motion

Thai Da Silva explores the world of Minddrive, a nonprofit organization that teaches at-risk kids how to remake old cars into modern electric ones.


Trans Fat: A Hidden Killer

Elana Michelle describes the dangers of trans fats and interviews people who have worked to get trans fats banned by the FDA.


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From Rock 'n' Roll to a Mars Space Scientist

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ITACE Expedition

Julie Iriondo reports on the 100th anniversary of the famous Antarctic expedition by Sir Ernest Shackleton to be recreated in 2014 with modern equipment.


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Correspondent Miles O'Brien investigates scientific experiments on chimpanzees and the ethical implications for animal rights.


Technology Supports Good Citizenship

Correspondent Thai Da Silva investigates a national trend that uses technology applications to engage in local politics and citizenship.


Laws Help Service Dogs Save Lives

Correspondent Collette Hicks follows 8th grader Allison Martin who gets vital support with her diabetes from her service dog, Stuart.


Redistricting: Drawing the Lines

Antonio Neves reports on how new redistricting issues around the country can affect the outcome of state elections and federal policy.


The Drought of 2012

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Antonio Neves reports on the 13 billion devices connected to the Internet - the "Internet of Things."


Redistricting: Drawing the Lines

Antonio Neves reports on how new redistricting issues around the country can affect the outcome of state elections and federal policy.


Growing Problem of Youth Membership in Gangs

Jon Schriner reports on the growing problem of youth membership in gangs nationwide and efforts in Nebraska to fight it.


Anniversary of Three Mile Island

In the wake of the Fukushima Meltdown, Antonio Neves reports on past nuclear power disasters and future policy implications.


State Budget Crisis' Impact on Unions

Budget shortfalls are leading some state governments to demand concessions from their unions. Antonio Neves reports from Ohio.


The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011

Congress has enacted a new law to further protect the food we eat. Antonio Neves explores this impact on food safety and nutrition.


NASA Paves Way for Commercial Space Exploration

Antonio Neves reports on NASA's plans to shift space exploration from the government to a public/private partnership.


Cyberbullying: Effects on Teens Across the Nation

Reporter Sam Petto investigates cyberbullying in Omaha Nebraska as experts discuss national trends.


Post 2010 Midterm Elections: Battle for the Budget

Antonio Neves explores the implications of the midterm elections on the federal budget.


Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Spill

The impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is still felt along the Gulf Coast, and will be for years to come. Antonio Neves reports.


Newspapers in the Digital Age

Antonio Neves explores changes in the newspaper business, how stories are covered and delivered and the changes in economic models to secure their existence.


Immigration Debate

Stacey Delikat reports from Arizona about their new immigration law and the national debate that has ensued because of it.


Woody Biomass-Nebraska

Alternative Energy Sources and Nebraska's Contribution to Conservation


The Battle for Congress: Midterm Elections 2010

An in-depth look at the outlook and predictions for the 2010 midterm elections.


The Future of Communication: Broadband Expansion

Correspondent Eileen Wu reports on the FCC’s new broadband plan and the potential impact on new technology and communication.


White House Campaign on Childhood Obesity

Antonio Neves reports on the role of diet and exercise in developing a healthy lifestyle.


Haiti: Rebuilding a Nation

Antonio Neves examines the global effort to rebuild and restore hope to Haiti after a devastating earthquake.


Anticipating the State of the Union, January 2010

Eileen Wu puts the State of the Union in historical perspective and reports on anticipated themes for President Obama’s address on 1/27/10.


City Government: Omaha, Nebraska

Special correspondent, Robyn Wisch, reports on how a community responds to budget cuts in Omaha Nebraska.


Electric Car: American Industry and Innovation

Antonio Neves explores how new technology is driving development and public policy of the electric car.


An Economic Snapshot

Small business owners in Fredericksburg, Virginia are starting to recover from the economic downturn. Antonio Neves returns to check their progress.


The Third Branch: The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has a new member and some difficult cases on the docket this year. Antonio Neves reports. [CC]


Gas Prices

Why does the price of gasoline vary from gas station to gas station? It is all about supply, demand, and competition.


Historical Inaugural Perspectives

As preparations are made for President-Elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration, Stacey Delikat reports on past Inaugurations and some of the more memorable moments.


Digital Conversion

By June 12, 2009 over the air broadcasting will make the transition from analog to digital. Antonio Neves reports on how this transition could affect you. [CC]


The Transition

With 77 days between the election and Inauguration, President-Elect Obama has much to do before being sworn in as President. Stacey Delikat reports. [CC]


The Economy and Consumer Confidence

As a result of a worsening economy, people have begun to change spending habits. Antonio Neves reports on the economy and its impact on the campaign. [CC]


Campaign Strategy

As the campaign draws to a close, both parties focus in on key states. Stacey Delikat reports on the Electoral College and its importance in the election. [CC]


The Ground Game

The political parties are working hard to reach undecided voters. Antonio Neves looks at how campaigns go door-to-door to get out the vote. [CC]


Debates and the Race for the White House

The debates are the most anticipated events remaining this election year. Stacey Delikat reports on the impact of past debates and what to expect this time.[CC]


Conventions 2008

Learn about the important roles conventions play in shaping the 2008 elections. [CC]


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