Myth Busting

Antonio Neves reports, in this five-part series, on prescription medicine abuse, a form of drug abuse increasing among teens.


  1. Define: 'opiate receptors,' 'opiods,' 'prefrontal cortex,' and 'addiction.'
  2. Describe three misconceptions about prescription drug use.
  3. What factors are considered when doctors prescribe medicines?


A healthy lifestyle can impacts performance in school, social life, and long term wellness. the.Medic provides both an explanation of health issues and real world examples of the impact of making healthy choices.

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Youth Obesity: Schools Fight Back

Reporter Mitch Mattern investigates a national youth obesity problem and how a school community in Omaha Nebraska addresses this challenge.


White House Campaign on Childhood Obesity

Antonio Neves reports on the role of diet and exercise in developing a healthy lifestyle.


What Parents Should Know

In segment five, a parent guide, Antonio Neves talks with teens, parents, and medical experts on parents' role in stopping abuse of prescription pain medicines.


Media Literacy

In the fourth segment, Antonio Neves talks with media literacy experts on how to analyze mixed messages from the media about drugs in popular culture.


Changes for Life

Abuse of prescription pain medicines does more than physical damage. In the third segment, Antonio Neves reports on the isolation users experience.


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In the spring of 2008, the.Medic produced a five part series on prescription drug abuse. These reports look at different aspects of this issue and included a summary for parents. They are produced in collaboration with the National Association of School Nurses and funded by PriCara®, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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