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The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011

Congress has enacted a new law to further protect the food we eat. Antonio Neves explores this impact on food safety and nutrition.


NASA Paves Way for Commercial Space Exploration

Antonio Neves reports on NASA's plans to shift space exploration from the government to a public/private partnership.


Cyberbullying: Effects on Teens Across the Nation

Reporter Sam Petto investigates cyberbullying in Omaha Nebraska as experts discuss national trends.


Post 2010 Midterm Elections: Battle for the Budget

Antonio Neves explores the implications of the midterm elections on the federal budget.


Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Spill

The impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is still felt along the Gulf Coast, and will be for years to come. Antonio Neves reports.


Newspapers in the Digital Age

Antonio Neves explores changes in the newspaper business, how stories are covered and delivered and the changes in economic models to secure their existence.


Immigration Debate

Stacey Delikat reports from Arizona about their new immigration law and the national debate that has ensued because of it.


Woody Biomass-Nebraska

Alternative Energy Sources and Nebraska's Contribution to Conservation


The Battle for Congress: Midterm Elections 2010

An in-depth look at the outlook and predictions for the 2010 midterm elections.


The Future of Communication: Broadband Expansion

Correspondent Eileen Wu reports on the FCC’s new broadband plan and the potential impact on new technology and communication.


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