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    August 1, 2015  

    Short-term housing rental industry giant Airbnb now lists more than 1 million rooms available in 192 countries. The platform’s largest market is in New York City, with more than 25,000 listings per night, but it’s also where the debate over how to regulate short-term rentals is the most contentious. In light of a new report by the NY Attorney General that says nearly three-quarters of Airbnb’s listings in the city are technically illegal, the city is cracking down. Hari Sreenivasan reports. Continue reading

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    October 10, 2014  

    The growing American “share economy” makes use of people’s preexisting and underutilized assets and time. Hospitality website Airbnb helps turn empty guest rooms into makeshift hotel rooms. But what happens to actual hotels and bed and breakfasts that have to conform to greater regulation and charge higher prices? Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports. Continue reading

  • Photo by Flickr user Raido
    October 10, 2014   BY Jordan Vesey 

    The more we share together the happier we’ll be. That is what companies that make up the sharing economy promise. But as these platforms grow, they compete with existing markets in cities across America. While innovation is good for consumers, do the suppliers of the sharing economy get the same great bargain? Continue reading

  • Image courtesy of Airbnb
    May 22, 2014   BY Dave Sloan 

    Settling a months-long dispute, popular rental service Airbnb struck a deal Wednesday with New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to relinquish anonymous data of 225,000 hosts to help target “bad actors” that continue to abuse the local housing system. Continue reading