AKP party

  • June 8, 2015  

    Despite ambitions to expand his power in through Turkey’s parliamentary elections, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP Party failed to hold onto its majority. While Turkey’s deputy prime minister said the AKP will try to form a coalition government, all of the other parties have said they will not go along. Judy Woodruff reports. Continue reading

  • June 8, 2015  

    President President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was counting on election gains for his party, but instead the AKP Party lost their majority, raising uncertainty about Turkey’s political future. What do the surprising results mean for the nation, the region and for the U.S.? Judy Woodruff gets analysis from Gönül Tol of the Middle East Institute and David Ignatius of The Washington Post. Continue reading

  • July 23, 2007  

    The ruling party in Turkey won parliamentary elections by a wide margin. A former State Department official and a Euro-Asian expert discuss what the election means for Turkey and the United States. Continue reading