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    September 30, 2015   BY Laura Santhanam and Megan Hickey 

    Among people ages 18 to 24 nationwide, the suicide rate is 12.8 deaths per 100,000, and is the second leading cause of death for people between 15- and 24-years-old, according to new data from the CDC. Within the American Indian and Alaskan Native population that age, the suicide rate nearly doubles. Continue reading

  • MAHNOMEN, MN - FEBRUARY 4:   Lisa Brunner, a native american, has twice been the victim of domestic violence on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Mahnomen, MN on February 4, 2014.   She's now an advocated for victims rights   against their perpetrators on tribal lands.  The Obama administration pushed Congress to pass a law giving Tribal governments the authority to prosecute domestic violence cases against non-native americans on tribal land.  Before, non-native americans spouses or partners could assault or rape native american women on the reservation and neither the tribe nor the county had any juristiction to do so.  Though it's progress, it only covers domestic violence not crimes commited by strangers or acquaintances.      (Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)
    September 5, 2015  

    Native American women are two and a half times more likely than their peers to experience sexual assault. Often the perpetrators aren’t Native Americans, and because of a legal loophole, perpetrators have been able to get away with it.
    Now a new federal law gives tribal courts the ability to bring those perpetrators to justice. Stephen Fee updates this report that first aired in November 2014. Continue reading

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    March 20, 2015  

    In our news wrap Friday, President Obama called for Iran to release three American citizens, timing his appeal to coincide with the Iranian New Year. Also, Iran, the U.S. and five other powers began a break from nuclear talks in Switzerland. Secretary of State John Kerry said the discussions had been productive, and talks will resume next Wednesday. Continue reading

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    November 22, 2014  

    Native women in the U.S. face some of the highest levels of violence of any group. The Justice Department says acts of sexual assault against Native American women are most frequently committed by non-Indian men, who are generally immune to prosecution in tribal courts. Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act last year, which gave tribal courts jurisdiction over certain domestic violence crimes committed by non-Indians. But advocates say acts of sexual violence on Indian reservations are still happening with few consequences. NewsHour Weekend’s Stephen Fee reports. Continue reading

  • April 7, 2009   BY Arts Desk 

    Until recently, American Indians appeared only as stereotypes in comic books, their real narratives and folklore obscured by generic images of teepees and headdresses.
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  • July 18, 2003   BY Admin 

    A federal appeals court overturned a contempt ruling against Interior Secretary Gale Norton, saying that most of the Interior Department mismanagement of billions of dollars in royalties for American Indian land trusts occurred before her tenure. Continue reading