Anthony Foxx\

  • Rail tank cars will soon be updated, according to a new set of rules proposed by federal government. Photo by Flickr user woodleywonderworks
    July 23, 2014  

    More than a million barrels of oil travel the country by rail each day. In response to deadly derailments, the Obama administration proposed tougher safety rules for trains carrying oil, sometimes called “pipelines on wheels.” Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx joins Jeffrey Brown to discuss the proposal, criticism from activists, pushback from the oil industry and the safety of air travel. Continue reading

  • Federal agents are watching airplanes in a chance an passengers are carrying the Ebola virus. Photo by Flickr user ATOMIC Hot Links
    May 21, 2014   BY Joan Lowy, Associated Press 

    WASHINGTON — Going to bat for confused passengers, the government is proposing that airlines be required to disclose fees for basic items like checked bags, assigned seats and carry-on bags so consumers know the true cost of flying.

    Under new regulations proposed Wednesday by the Transportation Department, detailed fee information would have to be provided wherever passengers buy tickets, whether online, on the phone or in person. Continue reading