• Photo by Flickr user TEDx SF
    July 14, 2014   BY Justin Scuiletti 

    A report in the journal Pediatrics Monday detailed an allergic reaction suffered by an 11-year-old boy treated at a San Diego hospital that doctors say is linked to the use of their family’s first-generation iPad. Doctors said the boy, who used the tablet daily, developed a rash over his body, which was the result of a nickel allergy provoked by the presence of the substance found in the iPad’s outer coating. Continue reading

  • Mourners Remember Steve Jobs In Chicago
    May 20, 2014  

    It’s been a little more than two years since the founder and creative force behind Apple died at age 56. What does the transition of leadership mean for the future of one of the most iconic American tech companies? Hari Sreenivasan interviews Yukari Kane, author of “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs,” about the impact one man wields on the success or failure of a company. Continue reading

  • Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images
    April 26, 2014  

    Major tech companies including Apple, Adobe, Google and Intel have settled a huge class action lawsuit alleging they colluded not to go after each others’ employees, effectively holding down salaries. Alison Stewart talks with Arik Hessedahl of Re/code about the economic and social tensions troubling Silicon Valley. Continue reading

  • 9011048427_8bea2efedb_o_slideshow
    February 22, 2014   BY Hari Sreenivasan and Kayla Ruble 

    Vulnerable devices include the iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch, and iPad 2 and later. Security researchers found the bug also occurs on Mac OS X running on Apple laptops and desktops. Continue reading

  • The original Macintosh computer. Photo by Flickr user Matthew Pearce
    January 24, 2014   BY Justin Scuiletti 

    An advertisement, directed by Ridley Scott, aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVII on Jan. 22, 1984. The visuals on the screen cut between a woman running with a sledgehammer, police in riot gear giving chase and lines … Continue reading

  • June 5, 2013  

    In other news Wednesday, Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales pleaded guilty to killing 16 Afghan civilians last year. Bales recalled entering two villages at night and shooting his victims. Also, anti-government protesters in Turkey called for the ousting of police chiefs over their violent crackdown on demonstrations. Continue reading

  • May 21, 2013   BY Associated Press  

    Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook testifies on Capitol Hill to explain the company’s tax strategy. WASHINGTON — A Senate panel says Apple Inc. is avoiding billions of dollars in U.S. taxes by shifting profits to foreign affiliates and is prepared … Continue reading

  • October 31, 2012  

    In the business of modern mapmaking, there are high stakes for customer satisfaction. When Apple released its iPhone5, it replaced Google Maps with its own mapping technology — and users were not happy. Spencer Michels reports on the challenges of creating digital maps and how crowdsourcing is making them more accurate. Continue reading

  • September 12, 2012  

    Though Apple remains a giant in the smartphone and tablet industry, the company unveils the new iPhone5 in a fiercely competitive market. Jeffrey Brown talks to the Washington Post’s Cecilia Kahng and Forrester Research’s Charles Golvin about the challenges Apple faces to stay at the top of the pyramid in the tech world. Continue reading

  • August 27, 2012  

    In other news Monday, after a federal jury awarded Apple over $1 billion for patent infringement, Apple has asked the court to ban the U.S. sale of eight Samsung smartphone models. Also, Margaret Warner reports on how the Syrian conflict between rebel opposition and the Assad regime has triggered violence in neighboring Lebanon. Continue reading

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