• September 8, 2006  

    Following a NATO request for additional troops in Afghanistan to combat Taliban insurgents, a suicide bomber rammed into a convoy near the U.S. Embassy in Kabul Friday, killing 16. Sarah Chayes, a former reporter who covered the U.S. military operation in Afghanistan discusses life in the war-torn country. Continue reading

  • July 17, 2006  

    Israeli Ambassador to the United States Daniel Ayalon and Syrian Ambassador to the United States Imad Moustapha discuss the escalation of violence in the Middle East, the capture of two Israeli soldiers and who should take responsibility for the conflict. Continue reading

  • July 4, 2006  

    Ron Suskind discusses his new book, “The One Percent Doctrine,” which examines the Bush administration’s decision-making following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Continue reading

  • June 20, 2006   BY  

    The bodies of two American soldiers who disappeared Friday after an insurgent attack on a checkpoint were discovered late Monday and showed signs of having been tortured, according to the Iraqi military. Continue reading

  • June 18, 1997  

    Mir Amal Kansi, the man accused of a 1993 shooting of two CIA employees outside an office in suburban Virginia now awaits trial on capital murder charges. He was recently extradited to the U.S. for trial and now faces the death penalty. Continue reading

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