• October 31, 2011  

    The latest in a recent series of high-profile insurgent attacks came Monday in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where a suicide bomber blew up a checkpoint, and then three gunmen seized control of a building near the United Nations refugee office. Ray Suarez reports. Continue reading

  • October 19, 2011  

    In other news Wednesday, the Federal Reserve reported that the U.S. economy improved slightly in most regions in September and early October. Also, Citigroup agreed to $285 million in fines and repayments to investors to settle charges it committed civil fraud before the housing collapse. Continue reading

  • September 28, 2011  

    In other news Wednesday, factory workers at General Motors overwhelmingly ratified a new four-year contract. It doesn’t include any pay raises, but 48,000 hourly employees will get a $5,000 signing bonus plus profit-sharing checks. Also, gunmen in southern Afghanistan attacked and killed eight police at a checkpoint. Continue reading

  • September 6, 2011  

    The collapse of the Twin Towers served as a stark and stunning reminder to architects and engineers of the value of using concrete to protect skyscrapers from the ravages of fire. Miles O’Brien reports on how the design of skyscrapers has changed since 9/11. This report was produced in collaboration with the PBS program “NOVA.” Continue reading

  • August 18, 2011  

    Squads of gunman killed at least eight people and wounded 20 others Thursday in southern Israel in a series of strikes that drew swift retaliation from the Israeli military. Ray Suarez discusses what’s behind the new violence with Calev Ben-David of Bloomberg News. Continue reading

  • August 15, 2011  

    Investigators took Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted to carrying out attacks last month in Oslo and at a youth political camp on the island of Utoya that killed a total of 69 people and injured many more, back to the island to re-enact events and confirm details for his upcoming trial. Judy Woodruff reports. Continue reading

  • July 25, 2011  

    Anders Behring Breivik, whose manifesto stated that Islam poses an existential threat to European culture, admitted to carrying out attacks Friday in Norway that killed dozens. Jeffrey Brown discusses political and violent extremism in Europe with Tufts University’s David Art and Jonathan Birdwell of Demos, a British think tank. Continue reading

  • July 22, 2011  

    A deadly bombing shattered buildings in Norway’s capital of Oslo Friday before a gunman dressed as a police officer opened fire at a nearby youth camp. Police believe the attacks are related. Independent Television News’ Bill Neely reports on the latest developments. Continue reading

  • July 22, 2011  

    Two attacks Friday in Norway killed more than a dozen people when an explosion ripped open buildings in Oslo and a gunman opened fire at a youth camp on the island of Utoya. Judy Woodruff discusses the latest developments with Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s Anders Tvegard and Finn Hagensen of Reuters, reporting from Oslo. Continue reading

  • July 19, 2011  

    The media mogul at the center of the phone-hacking scandal rocking Britain, Rupert Murdoch, was in the hot seat Tuesday before a committee of Parliament, along with son James and former News of the World Editor Rebekah Brooks. Jeffrey Brown reports on the trio’s testimony and Murdoch’s encounter with a pie plate. Continue reading