• ukrainecrisismonitor
    September 1, 2014  

    Ukrainian rebels softened their demand for outright independence at the talks in Belarus on Monday. Instead, they offered to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty in exchange for a measure of autonomy. Judy Woodruff joins The Christian Science Monitor’s Fred Weir, reporting from Moscow, to discuss how rebels are gaining the leverage on the ground, and why a military solution has become elusive. Continue reading

  • ukraine1
    September 1, 2014  

    Ukraine, Russia and the Ukrainian rebels participated in talks aimed at restoring peace at a gathering in Belarus on Monday. Despite the new dialogue, parties on the ground seem to be bracing for more conflict. Matt Frei of Independent Television News reports. Continue reading

  • April 11, 2011  

    In other news Monday, Mitt Romney announced via YouTube that he’s formally exploring another presidential run. In Ivory Coast, former President Laurent Gbagbo was captured in a bunker. His challenger won the November presidential election, but Gbagbo refused to cede power, prompting violent confrontation between rival factions. Continue reading