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  • newswrap
    March 24, 2015  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, President Obama declared the Israeli-Palestinian peace process all but over, in the wake of pre-election comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he appeared to rule out endorsing a Palestinian state. Also, forces loyal to Yemen’s pro-American president fought to turn back advancing Shiite rebels, who seized two key towns before being forced to withdraw. Continue reading

  • Photo by Salih Zeki Fazlioglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
    March 24, 2015   BY Josh Lederman, Associated Press 

    WASHINGTON — An unconvinced President Barack Obama said Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to clarify pre-election statements rejecting creation of a Palestinian state still do not appear to advance the prospect of a two-state solution to Mideast peace.
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  • newswrap
    March 23, 2015  

    In our news wrap Monday, Yemen’s U.S.-backed President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi called for Gulf Arab nations to intervene against Shiite rebels allied with Iran. Saudi Arabia responded that the Arab states will act to protect Yemen. Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to his country’s Arab citizens for comments he made in the parliamentary election campaign. Continue reading

  • shieldsbrooks
    March 20, 2015  

    Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week’s news, including provocative pre-election comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the House Republicans’ budget priorities, the congressional standoff over the human trafficking bill, plus personal predictions for March Madness. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    March 19, 2015  

    In our news wrap Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied that he had rejected a possibility of a future Palestinian state, saying he wants a sustainable two-state solution, but only if circumstances change. Also, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terror attack in Tunisia’s capital that left 23 dead. Continue reading

  • Fliers depicting Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu are seen on the ground during a right-wing rally in Tel Aviv
    March 18, 2015  

    Benjamin Netanyahu won a surprisingly clear-cut victory over his center-left challenger, despite initial exit polls showing the two in a dead heat. On Wednesday he pledged to protect the security and welfare of all Israelis, after what had been a divisive race. Gwen Ifill learns more from special correspondent Martin Seemungal, reporting from Tel Aviv. Continue reading

  • Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu campaigns in Ashkelon
    March 18, 2015  

    What does Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s continued leadership mean for Israel? Gwen Ifill talks to Shibley Telhami of the University of Maryland, Robert Satloff of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and former Israeli Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich for analysis on how the election results affect the Middle East peace process, Iran negotiations and U.S. relations. Continue reading

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center) greets supporters at party headquarters in Tel Aviv on March 18. Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters
    March 18, 2015   BY News Desk 

    Despite a troubled campaign and exit polls showing a deadlock, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a clear victory in Tuesday’s elections. Continue reading

  • Millions of Israelis turned out to vote on Tuesday in a tightly-fought election, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing an uphill battle to defeat a strong campaign by the centre-left opposition to deny him a fourth term in office. Photo by REUTERS/Stringer
    March 17, 2015  

    Voting has closed in Israel, but the results are too close to call: early exit polls suggest that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and more liberal challenger Isaac Herzog are projected to win the same number of seats. Special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports from Tel Aviv. Continue reading

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves to supporters beside his wife in Tel Aviv
    March 17, 2015  

    Early Israeli election results show that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was able to make a comeback after polls that showed challenger Isaac Herzog edging out ahead. Judy Woodruff talks to special correspondent Martin Seemungal from Likud Party headquarters in Tel Aviv about the election dead heat and coalition government options for both candidates. Continue reading

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