May 2, 2014  

    Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to South Sudan to urge President Salva Kiir to meet the opposition and halt a four-month civil war. In recent weeks, hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered in the Bentiu, and more than a million people have fled to escape the fighting. Jeffrey Brown talks to former British foreign secretary David Miliband, CEO of International Rescue Committee. Continue reading

  • In this photo from January, South Sudanese People's Liberation Army soldiers patrol the streets of Bentiu where its forces had killed several hundred civilians. The U.N. Security Council may be willing to impose sanctions if attacks on civilians continue. Photo by Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images
    April 23, 2014  

    The slaughter of hundreds of civilians is just the latest act of reprisal violence in South Sudan that began as a rivalry between two politicians of different ethnic groups. Judy Woodruff takes a closer look at the root of the crisis, tensions over natural resources and the urgency of humanitarian aid and regional diplomacy with Nancy Lindborg of USAID and Khalid Medani of McGill University. Continue reading

  • South Sudan massacre
    April 23, 2014  

    Bodies were strewn in the streets of the city of Bentiu, South Sudan, when a U.N. convoy arrived in the aftermath of a massacre of civilians. South Sudan’s foreign minister charged that rebels of the Nuer ethnic group are behind the violence. President Obama called the killings an “abomination” and a betrayal of trust for the South Sudanese people. Judy Woodruff reports. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    April 22, 2014  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, hundreds of people in South Sudan have been killed in what the United Nations is calling ethnic slaughter. Rebels from the ethnic Nuer group seized the city of Bentiu last week and murdered people who sought safety in a mosque, say U.N. officials. Also, the death toll in the South Korean ferry disaster climbed to at least 113, with about 190 still missing. Continue reading