Bill Bradley

  • January 6, 2004   BY  

    Former Gov. Howard Dean picked up the endorsement of 2000 presidential candidate Bill Bradley Tuesday, and former Gen. Wesley Clark expanded on an economic plan aimed at eliminating the income tax for many middle class Americans. Continue reading

  • March 9, 2000  

    Sen. Bill Bradley withdrew from the presidential race Thursday, after failing to win any Democratic primaries held thus far. Weekly Standard senior editor David Brooks and Boston Globe columnist Tom Oliphant assess Bradley’s decision. Continue reading

  • January 17, 2000   BY  

    A new survey of New Hampshire voters indicates both GOP hopeful Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley have increased their support among women and independent voters. Continue reading

  • March 25, 1997  

    In the second installment of his three part series on money in politics, special correspondent Hedrick Smith looks at one groups efforts to protect their interests. The sugar producers have supplied millions of dollars to political campaigns to protect price supports they receive from the government. Continue reading