Bill Clinton

  • August 6, 1998  

    Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern, testified before the grand jury about her relations with President Clinton. But do Americans care? Pollster Andy Kohut joins the NewsHour’s regional commentators in a discussion of the public’s mood. Continue reading

  • July 28, 1998  

    As the aging population continues to drain the social security resevoir, President Clinton and others are looking into plans to strengthen the system. Susan Dentzer reports. Continue reading

  • July 9, 1998  

    Jim Lehrer held a panel with President Bill Clinton called a Dialogue on Race. The roundtable was wide-ranging and nuanced, touching on both the roots of discrimination and the obstacles in finding solutions. President Clinton said then that economics and education were the best tools to end racism. Continue reading

  • May 6, 1998  

    President Clinton’s claim of executive privilege has been denied. Washington Post correspondent, Dan Balz, discusses the court ruling. Continue reading

  • February 6, 1998  

    Inside Washington, President Clinton continues to face a barrage of accusations and questions over an alleged affair with a White House intern. But how do the people of La Crosse, Wisconsin view the president’s political and personal practices? Continue reading

  • January 27, 1998  

    President Bill Clinton, in an hour and fifteen minute speech, outlined his major goals for the coming legislative year. Continue reading

  • January 26, 1998  

    Experts expect that President Clinton will have an enormous audience for the beginning of his State of the Union address. The NewsHour’s regular panel of historians, joined by former Clinton adviser David Gergen, discuss the opportunities and perils that the big speech present to a President mired in a growing crisis. Continue reading

  • January 22, 1998  

    In day two of the investigation into President Clinton’s possible cover-up of a sexual affair, conflicting reports have added fuel to the fire. Continue reading

  • January 22, 1998  

    Over the past 200 years, the White House has seen its fair share of sex scandals. How does the investigation into President Clinton’s possible cover-up of a sexual affair compare? NewsHour regulars put the latest scandal into historical perspective. Continue reading

  • January 7, 1998  

    President Clinton has announced a $22 billion plan to help families pay for child care. It would double federal grants to states to cover 2 million lower-income children by the year 2003. A Senior White House Advisor and the President of the National Fatherhood Initiative debate the merits of the proposal. Continue reading

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