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    July 23, 2014   BY Justin Scuiletti and Joshua Barajas 

    When the “Bat-Man” first appeared, he did so from the shadows, clad in a vampiric cowl with slits for eyes, long, sharp ears and a cape with bat-like wings. That was in 1939, in the pages of Detective Comics No. 27. Six months later, when Batman’s creators realized they had a hit on their hands, they revealed his traumatic childhood. As a boy, Bruce Wayne watched a criminal gun down his parents in a street robbery. Alone and orphaned with tears streaming down his pink face, he resolved to spend his life fighting violent crime. “Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot,” he famously declared, as he vowed to “strike terror in their hearts.”
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  • Marvel Comics announced Wednesday that African-American superhero Falcon will take over as Captain America in a new comic book series debuting in the fall. Image courtesy of Marvel
    July 17, 2014   BY Joshua Barajas 

    Marvel Comics revealed Wednesday that Sam Wilson, known in the comic books as the African-American winged superhero Falcon, will now don the red, white and blue Captain America costume. Continue reading

  • Marvel comics announced Monday that an unidentified woman will take on the role of Thor in a new comic book series launching this fall. Image courtesy of Marvel
    July 15, 2014   BY Joshua Barajas 

    Announced on the ABC talk show “The View,” the unidentified actress will take on the role of cosmic defender from her male predecessor. According to a Marvel press release, the current Thor is no longer “worthy” to wield Mjolnir, the magic Asgardian hammer that gave its owner the Thor namesake and thunderous powers. Continue reading