• Computer illustration by Kacper Pempel/Files/Reuters
    February 29, 2016  

    One of the greatest threats to private cybersecurity today is ransomware — a cyberattack that blocks access to a computer until the hacker is paid a ransom. The problem recently took on new urgency when a hospital in Los Angeles had its entire network shut down for hours, putting hundreds at risk; another high-profile breach hit L.A.’s health department last week. William Brangham reports.
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  • Photo by Flickr user Sean MacEntee
    September 12, 2014   BY  

    Though prosecutors do have existing tools and have brought international cybertheft cases in the past year, the Justice Department says a new law is needed at a time when criminals operating largely in Eastern Europe are able to gobble up millions of stolen credit card numbers and commit widespread fraud in a matter of mouse clicks. Companies and banks, too, have been stung by faraway hackers who have siphoned away personal information. Continue reading

  • December 22, 2009    

    Nearly seven months after announcing a new emphasis on digital security, the Obama administration has tapped a veteran of both eBay and Microsoft to lead the nation’s military and civilian cybersecurity efforts. Howard Schmidt, who served as a cybersecurity advisor … Continue reading